Saturday, March 11, 2017

MUD!, Rocks, and Roots - Trail Slogging -Trail Mud Index (TMI)

Ah Springtime is almost here in Central Ohio.  Time to start ramping up that mileage as the weather warms up.  A perfect time to have nice trail run.  But wait?  What happened to those nice firm trails in January and February?  Now it is slippery, slide mud. Mud, Mud, Mud!

Trail Mud

So which trails are the Best and which are the worst?  Here is my list for trails to watch out for and those that are SAFE.   I like running the horse back trails surrounding Alum Creek in the late Sumer through fall and winter.  They can be a nightmare in the spring and early summer.  Beware.  

Central Ohio Trail Mud Index

Outside of Central Ohio I have found that Mohican, Zaleski, and Shawnee State handle water pretty well.  Great Seal and Tar Hollow are not quite so good but better than the Alum Creek Trails.

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